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About Us

Style Your LifeStyle is about Day to Day Healthy Lifestyle. And Healthy Lifestyle is about Eating Healthy, Physical Fitness, Stress Management, and Weight Management. Our aim is to aware people about good health and lifestyle. We provide information about the health benefits of daily consumed foods and well being that people should know. We don’t consult with any health doctor and we do not provide any medical advice so we are kindly requesting you to contact your doctor before trying any of our advice/solutions. We also sell health products related to Skin Care, Hair Care and Gym Equipment some of them are from the third party seller.

Our goal is to make your lifestyle healthy. People know all this information but they have forgotten this somewhere in their busy life so our target is to remind them about it.


Anuja Chaudhari
Digital Marketing Executive

Anuja Chaudhari holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University. She is a Digital Marketing certified and Digital Marketer by Profession. Also, she is a blogger which blogs about good health and lifestyle.

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