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November 11, 2018

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Milk is probably one of the most amazing substances on Earth, which itself is remarkably beneficial and also used to make many new types of food items. And how wonderful it is, the substance that was created after the thermal and chemical processes is equally as healthy, powerful and beneficial to the human body as it is the original substance – that is, the nectar milk of the Earth. Yogurt or curd is also one of the particular substances that are made from milk.

Yogurt is used as food since ancient times. By taking Yogurt regularly, there are many major benefits of health. It strengthens the digestive tract and keeps the action of the immune system better.

health benefits of yogurt

Let us know the Health Benefits of Yogurt:

For Body:

1. Makes Bones Strong:

It is estimated that one bowl of yogurt contains three hundred grams of calcium. Therefore, if your bones are weak or joints are in trouble then adding yogurt can be beneficial for you in regular meals. Not only the bones become strong but we also get rid of bone-related diseases. Yogurt reduces the problem of Osteoporosis. Regular one cup of yogurt after lunch is the best way to keep bones strong.

2. Aids Weight Loss:

Recent research has found that those who take yogurt instead of regular snacks, the amount of calories from their bodies decreases rapidly. Apart from this, stomach fat also gets reduced. Such people are healthy and protect their body from diseases related to obesity.

3. Faster Workout Recovery:

In all varieties of yogurt, Greek yogurt is considered to be the most advantageous for health. Protein and carbohydrate are found in the Greek yogurt in a reasonable proportion and eating Greek yogurt after doing exercise or gym prove to be very beneficial for the health. If you consume Greek yogurt within one hour of gym or exercise, it produces amino acids in your body and helps in repairing the muscles. Mix a glass of water in Greek yogurt and beat it well and then drink it. It improves the absorption of water by the intestines and fills the water in the body.

4. Controls Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is the main cause of excessive salt in the body. If this quantity is not reduced then blood pressure increases, due to which the problem of hypertension and kidney starts. Because of which the person is vulnerable to various types of diseases. Potassium is found in yogurt, which reduces the amount of salt in the body. Recent research has found that low-fat dairy products are very helpful in reducing the problem of hypertension.

5. Improves Immunity:

Yogurt contains probiotic which strengthens our body’s immune system, so our body is ready to fight diseases. Probiotic maintains the immune system’s function for a long time and heals health as well. Apart from this, zinc is also found in yogurt which is important for our good health.

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6. Prevents Yeast Infection:

Eating yogurt daily, there is no risk of yeast infection. So if you are suffering from the yeast infection then you should eat yogurt. In addition, yogurt reduces the problem of yeast infection. Eating yogurt in regular meals is very beneficial.

7. Improves Digestion:

Yogurt is very beneficial for the stomach. People troubled by stomach disease should include plenty of yogurt in their diet. When the stomach lacks good quality bacteria, due to which diseases like lack of hunger are developed. In this situation, yogurt becomes the best food. Drinking the mixture of carom seeds and the yogurt ends constipation.

For Skin:

1. Reduces Skin Infections:

Infections of skin and other affected areas are cured by using yogurt daily. This helps to fight the cause of infection and makes the skin perfectly clean.

2. Soothes Sunburn:

Zinc present in the yogurt helps to get rid of sunburn and other similar skin problems. Apply yogurt directly on your skin and wash it after waiting for a few minutes.

3. Moisturizes Skin:

Yogurt works as a moisturizer on the skin i.e. return moisture of the skin and softens the skin. Actually, lactic acid present in the yogurt acts as a facial mask on the skin and excludes hidden dirt of the inner skin.

4. Fights Acne:

To remove the acne problem, apply a paste of sour yogurt on the face and wash it on drying. Do this for a few days continuously, there will be a benefit to removing acne.

5. Reduces Wrinkles:

To remove wrinkles, mix gram flour with the yogurt. Mix it well and apply on the face. It removes the topmost layer of dead cells making skin brighter and younger skin.

For Hair:

1. Conditions Hair:

It is a natural conditioner. Take yogurt and beat it well. Then apply to all hair well. After this, cover the hair. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it well with lukewarm water and you will get beautiful hair.

2. Reduces Hairfall:

If your hair is falling then put some curry leaves in yogurt. This will reduce hair fall and also hair will become black.

3. Treats Dandruff:

If you have dandruff in your head then add some drops of lemon in yogurt. Put this paste on the scalp and leave for a while. Dandruff problem will be overcome by using twice a week.


No doubt it is very useful for your health but if it doesn’t suit you or you are allergic to it then stop using it right away and consult your doctor before using it.

Stay Healthy…!!!

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