Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail

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Hello All,

Summer Summer Summer…!!! Very hot summer…!!!

Kiwi Sunshine is a sweet and sour mocktail with a fizzy taste and gives relief from summer.

People are attracted to Kiwi because of its brilliant green color and exotic taste. But the real uniqueness of kiwi comes from its health benefits. Kiwi is useful for digestion, makes your skin beautiful and also induces sleep. It reduces blood clotting and protects against vision loss.

As we all know that Lemon is very useful in all ways. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke and also, lower blood pressure. It promotes hydration which increases the intake of water. It improves your skin quality and reduces your weight. Drinking warm or hot lemon water may help get your digestive system moving. Keep your breath sweeter by drinking a glass of Lemon Water after meals and first thing in the morning. It also helps to prevent kidney stones.

Let’s get cool in this hot summer.

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_8

Here’s, what all you will need to make Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail?

Sugar – 3 tbsp

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_1

Cold Water – 3 tbsp

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_2

Ice Cubes – 5 – 6 cubes

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_6

Lemon Juice – 2 tbsp

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_5

Kiwi Crush – 4 – 5 tbsp

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_4

Sprite or Chilled Soda Water – as required

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_7

How to make Simple Syrup / Sugar Syrup?

Heat a pan. Add Cold Water and Sugar both with equal parts. Bring it to boil and keep stirring until the sugar gets dissolved and it becomes thick. Allow to cool.

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_3

How to make Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail?

Take the tall glass, add 5 – 6 Ice Cubes, 3 tbsp of Sugar Syrup, 2 tbsp of Lemon Juice, 4 tbsp of Kiwi Crush and add Sprite as required. Garnish with Lemon Slice.

Kiwi Sunshine Mocktail_9

Stir it using Stirrer.

Drink and Enjoy.

I hope you love it.

Thank You.

Anuja Chaudhari

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