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Migraine And It’s Home Remedies

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We have to bear all the mental stress due to our fast growing life. Because of this, we do not know that we are suffering from how many diseases. Migraine is becoming a common problem these days. Migraine is a headache that makes your life hell. Many times people do not know that the sharp pain which rises repeatedly in their heads, what is it actually. People think that this pain is due to gas, tension or exhaustion and we take it lightly and in such a long time it gets converted to disease.

Migraines usually have severe pain in half of the patient’s head. Sometimes the pain is so severe that the patient get vomits. It is commonly seen that people who have migraine are also susceptible to Sinusitis. Experts say that migraine occurs due to tension. There is no shortage of medicines to cure any disease, but home remedies prove to be very effective in many diseases.

Let’s Tell You the Home Remedies for Reducing the Pain of Migraine and Staying Away From it:

1. Drink Water:

Migraine pain can be reduced by drinking water every day. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, or else dehydration can occur. Dehydration is the major common factor of migraine. So, avoid dehydration. If there is water in the body then migraine chances will be reduced.

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2. Take Caffeine:

Black coffee, which is a good source of caffeine, can be used to treat migraine. But do not use too much caffeine as if you get addicted to it, then your migraine will never be able to cure. You can take 100 mg of caffeine throughout the day.

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3. Do Exercise:

We should do exercise, even if we don’t have any disease. The role of exercise is important in the home remedies of migraine. Because by doing exercise or yoga, the stress is reduced. Migraines also get relief when the stress is reduced. Therefore, migraine sufferers should exercise daily.

4. Use Pure Ghee:

Put 2-4 drops of cow’s pure ghee in the nose twice a day which brings relief. Keep in mind that the ghee should be fresh.

5. Eat Curd and Rice:

Mix curd, rice and sugar and eat it before sunrise, it provides relief in the headache, which increases and decreases with the sun. Even in the day, eating curd and rice helps in relieving from this disease.

6. Apply Cloves and Cardamom:

Grind 4 – 5 cloves and heat it on the pan mild and apply it on the head. This provides relief from pain. If you do not have cloves, grind the peel of cardamom and heat it on the pan mild and apply it on the head.

7. Apply Lemon:

Grate the lemon with peel and make a paste and apply it on the head. This gives great relief.

8. Use Saffron Leaves:

Put some leaves of saffron in a little ghee and grate it on a stone and smell it. This will help you to get relief from pain.

9. Drink Spinach and Carrot Juice:

Carrot and spinach juice are very effective in treating migraines. Drink 200 ml of spinach juice and 300 ml of carrot juice.

10. Drink Beetroot and Cucumber Juice:

You can also drink beetroot and cucumber juice in treating migraines. Mixing 100 ml of beetroot juice and 100 ml of cucumber juice in 300 ml of carrot juice will be very relaxing.

11. Eat Ginger:

Mix 1 teaspoon of ginger juice and honey and drink it. Besides this, you can also place a piece of ginger in the mouth to reduce the pain of migraine. The use of ginger can provide relief from pain in any form of migraines. Ginger tea can also help.

12. Drink Red Wine:

Tyramine is found in wine and beer, which helps in reducing migraine pain. Red wine helps if consumed in small amount.

13. Eat Apple:

Eat apple empty stomach apple every morning. This is a very effective way to get rid of migraine.

14. Eat Green Leafy Vegetables:

Magnesium is found in sufficient amount in green leafy vegetables. Magnesium works very effectively in the pain of migraine. There is also plenty of magnesium in cereals, seafood and wheat.

Try to find out at what time pain starts. The pain of migraine starts for a number of reasons, such as anger, bright light, loud music, or any such thing that triggers the pain, identify and work on the plan to survive.


We kindly request you to consult your doctor before trying any of our advice/suggestions.

Stay Healthy…!!!

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