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Reasons for Headache and Measures To Avoid It

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Headache is one of the problems that occur frequently. There are often obvious reasons for the headache but sometimes the reasons are unclear. It starts to feel pain in any part of the head. Often this is temporary which gets cured automatically after some time. But sometimes it can cause severe pain and can continue for a long time. Headache can occur on one or both sides of the head. It can start from one point in the head and spread across the head or it may even happen in a certain place. This pain can cause a sensation as severe pain or mild pain.


Headaches can be produced gradually or suddenly. They are –

Primary Headache:

Primary headache includes tension headache, cluster headaches, migraine headaches, etc.

Secondary Headache:

Secondary headache includes sinus headaches, stress headaches, caffeine headaches, etc.

Let us know The Causes of Headaches and Measures To Avoid It:

Typically, headaches can occur due to not taking full sleep, pain in the tooth, fatigue, wrong medication, increasing the number of glasses and the changes in weather. There are different types of headaches –

1. Cluster Headaches:

It is also a type of headache. There is only pain in one part of the face, head and neck. This pain does not influenced both parts. When there is such a headache, do not bend at all. This can increase the pain. In this case, you should leave the habit of alcohol and smoking.

2. Stress Headaches:

In this way, the entire part of the head or both sides are affected when there is pain. During this, there is no effect on the physical activity of the body. This is due to contraction in the muscles. This headache is due to long term stress. 90 percent of these headaches are due to this and usually they are cured.

3. Migraine Headaches:

This pain is accompanied by pressure in one part of the head and behind the eyes. If you do normal physical activity during this time the pain can increase. The problem of migraine is excessive genetic. This headache is different in everyone. Migraines appear to be gradual and faster several times. The reason for migraine can be an allergy to any food item.

4. Hangover Headaches:

Such headaches mostly happen to those who consumed drugs and alcohols. They become addicted to drugs and alcohols and when they do not get intoxicants, their head starts to feel pain. This is because of the use of narcotic substances in drugs and alcohol which has a stimulating effect on the tissues, from which the cover of tissue is stimulated. Headache caused by this kind of stimulation in the brain. So avoid taking drugs and alcohol.

5. Sinus Headaches:

In the pain of sinus, around the eyes, the side of the cheekbone, the forehead and the nose are affected. Avoid doing any activity like bending down or exercising, it can increase the pain. Headache in the sinus is fast and persistent several times. It mostly starts in the morning.

6. Caffeine-Related Headaches:

People who are habituated to drinking coffee may also have headaches due to this. Just like you have a habit of drinking coffee twice a day, if you do not get coffee for any reason, then the problem of pain in the head begins. To avoid this pain, you must quit the addiction to coffee.

7. Medicine-Related Headaches:

Occasionally some medicines are also the cause of headache such as medicines taken for cardiovascular diseases and medicines taken for hypertension. Therefore it is always said that unless necessary, do not consume these medicines.

8. Sleep-Related Headaches:

Headaches may also be due to sleeping for a long time or due to lack of sleep. Occassionally there is a headache due to a breakdown between sleep. In this way understand your body’s needs and get complete sleep.


We kindly request you to consult your doctor before trying any of our advice/suggestions.

We will provide more information about Migraine Headaches in our next article. Stay tuned…!!!

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